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Clinical Pharmacology Drug Monographs

Clinical Pharmacology drug monographs discuss a wide range of prescription, over-the-counter (OTC), investigational, nutritional and herbal products. As is the role of a drug compendium, Clinical Pharmacology only discusses those drugs that have accepted medical/therapeutic utility. Therefore, DEA Schedule I substances (for example, heroin) are not covered.

Clinical Pharmacology provides both Adult monographs (includes adult, adolescent, and geriatric drug information) as well as Pediatric monographs (includes neonatal and pediatric drug information).

All information is based on products and practice within the United States. The information within these monographs is presented in a standardized format to provide the following information:

Mechanism of Action
Adverse Reactions
How Supplied
Monitoring Parameters
IV Compatibility


To ensure the most up-to-date drug information is provided, the Clinical Pharmacology editorial team updates monograph content in a real- time format. This allows for tremendous flexibility as well as the ability to be responsive to late breaking medical news, trials and previously unannounced drug label changes.

Content updates to the database include:

For more information regarding Clinical Pharmacology editorial processes, see Editorial Policies.

Abbreviated Monograph Format

For older drugs or those not widely available (such as those only available through the Center for Disease Control (CDC)), an abbreviated format is followed. These monographs still include information regarding indications, dosage, contraindications/precautions, interactions, and adverse reactions. For drugs available only through special access, information on how to obtain the product is also provided.


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Investigational Drug Monographs

Clinical Pharmacology includes discussions regarding drug products in late stage clinical development (undergoing phase III clinical trials or completed NDA submitted to the FDA) or those being reviewed under the FDA "Fast Track" program, when clinical information is available. Information regarding such products is usually limited, especially in terms of adverse reaction, drug interaction, or general precaution information.


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Monograph References

References are cited for controversial or less well-known concepts. Off-label uses (non-FDA approved) are referenced to the original data. Case reports and data from small, uncontrolled studies are cited only when more rigorous, controlled trials are unavailable. See Elsevier/Gold Standard’s Off-Label Drug Information Policy for more information regarding review and referencing of off-label information. When appropriate and available, links to the PubMed abstract are provided.


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