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Clinical Calculators

The Clinical Calculator module encompasses over 280 calculators, pertinent medical formulas, clinical criteria sets and decision tree analysis tools.  If your subscription includes this module, you will be able to access these tools within the Clinical Calculators section (under the "Resource Center" tab on the Clinical Pharmacology web page header), or from a Calculator link within the Indications/Dosage section of a monograph.

The Clinical Calculators are divided into four sections based upon the type of calculator:

Drug Calculators

This section includes general dosing and drug specific-dosing calculators, such as aminoglycosides, digoxin, phenytoin, iron, warfarin, and resuscitation calculators, (i.e. ACLS, PALS, and Neonatal Emergency calculators).

Clinical Criteria/Decision Trees Calculators

This section is comprised of tools that provide assessment and decision support tools for various conditions and drugs; (i.e. warfarin bleeding risk assessment, APACHE II Scoring assessment, osteoporosis assessment, and others).

Medical Calculators

This section consists of calculators to assess or determine certain medical values; (i.e. body mass index, creatinine clearance calculators, hemoglobin A1C, maintenance fluid rates for pediatrics, and others).

Unit Conversions Calculators

This section includes conversion calculators for different units for weight, length, time, temperature, as well as SI conversions for chemistry values.



To access Clinical Calculators directly from the Indication/Dosage section of a Clinical Pharmacology monograph:

  1. Click on the calculator icon on the right side of the menu at the top of the screen next to the printer icon.
  2. By clicking on the calculator icon when on this Indication/Dosage section, a separate window will open with a list of available calculators.  Where applicable, calculators specific to that monograph will appear.

For example, when viewing the Indication/Dosage section of the warfarin monograph, a calculator icon will appear. Clicking on this calculator icon will open a window where the warfarin related calculators will be displayed.
Click here to view an example of the resulting warfarin calculator window that opens.

  1. If a monograph does not have any specific calculators associated to it, clicking on the calculator icon will display the general dosing calculators.  You will be able to navigate to other calculators from this new window.


To access Clinical Calculators from the main Clinical Pharmacology menu:

  1. From the Clinical Pharmacology home page, click the Resource Center drop-down menu and select Clinical Calculators.

The Clinical Calculators window opens and defaults to the Drug Calculators option.  All four category types appear at the top.  

  1. To select another type of calculator, click on one of the calculator options (Drug Calculators, Clinical Criteria/Decision Trees Calculators, Medical Calculators, or Unit Conversions Calculators).
  1. Select the Clinical Calculator you wish to use.

Click here to view an example of this process.



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