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Drug Interaction Report

The Drug Interaction Report allows you to determine possible drug interactions for multiple drugs. The results are grouped based on the severity of the interaction (for example, Severe/High Severity). At the end of the Drug Interaction report is a listing of potential therapeutic duplications.

You can also begin a Drug Interaction report while in a monograph by selecting the Drug Interaction Report link (located in the Reports drop-down menu). When the report is selected, the monograph drug is automatically added as the first drug in the report list.

If you do not want to include the monograph drug, click to remove the drug from the list.


  1. Open the Reports menu and selectDrug Interaction Report.
  2. In the Search for Drug, Select to Add to Report text box, type at least three or more letters of the drug/product name. As you type, Clinical Pharmacology presents drug/product names that contain the search string. Narrow your search by typing as much of the drug/product name as possible.
  3. When the result of the search displays in the text box, click Add to add the drug product to the list. If multiple drugs are listed, select the drug name from the list to add the drug product to the list.
  4. Continue to add one or more additional drugs.
  5. To remove a drug, click delete to the left of the drug you want to remove or click Clear List to remove all drugs listed.
  6. Select the individual Lifestyle factors to include in the report (for example, Caffeine) or select the All check box to quickly add all lifestyle factors.
  7. Select the report type:
  1. Click Run Report.
  2. From the Drug Interaction Report window you can:

The report will print in the format that is displayed on the screen. For example, if Severity Levels 1 and 2 are open but Levels 3 and 4 are closed, the printed report will not include the information for Levels 3 and 4.

However, if after clicking the Print button you want to change the print format:

  • Click Cancel from the print dialog window.

  • Select the option to collapse or open the severity sections of the report.

  • Click .


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